Personal Training

My Approach: I strive to make workouts as fun as possible. Lets face it – working out is tough… Sprinkling in laughs and challenges makes the time go by faster & the workout a little easier.

Each of my clients fitness level and basic capabilities are different. What works for one person may not work for another so I create a customized program that is most effective for you. I believe in using primarily our own body weight for resistance… This is beneficial for many reasons. Your strength to weight ratio increases as you become more fit. And when you can’t make it to the studio I provide ‘at home program’s that require no additional equipment and you will still achieve a kick-ass workout!

Certifications & Experience: AFAA Certified personal trainer, certified in group exercise, kickboxing, and stress management. Over 18 years experience in home & studio sessions. Instructing yoga for 12 years, dry lands training for the AAA Fire Youth Hockey Association, and focus/meditation for the 2009 National Championship High School Girls Basketball Team.

Mission: I specialize in clients who are trying to incorporate fitness and good nutrition into their daily lives. Some are busy professionals who have a hard time setting aside time for themselves, but know they need to take care of their health. Others like the commitment aspect – knowing you HAVE to meet your trainer so you fit that workout in! And then I have clients that have a serious heath concern related to their weight, so we work to get them into a healthy balanced place. Make a consultation, let’s set goals and accomplish them together!

Freddi Fitness Studio: The studio is very pleasant, private, and in a great location – your sessions are just you and the trainer so you can feel comfortable sweating your butt off! No one is lurking around watching you or leaving sweat on your equipment.

Sessions are 45 minutes long in studio and 60 minutes in-home. Nutrition programs available upon request.